Where relationships really matter.

Everyone from your oil change company to your cable provider wants to build a relationship with you. When actually, you just need to use their services. But when it comes to financial planning and advocacy, relationships really do matter. Because you’ll likely never meet your cable provider or have the same person change your oil more than once. But with a financial planner and advisor, you’re engaging in what should be a lifelong relationship.

At least that’s how we see it at Investa.

We go the distance with you.

At our core, we are about service. We understand that financial planning can feel daunting. Whether that's trying to understand a complicated employee stock option plan, trying to best maximize your pension, or navigate an estate plan after a sudden loss, we are there every step of the way to help take the stress out of your financial life.

We go beyond the annual review and monthly statements, and help you make the calls, review the documents, and double check all the details. We take pride in our knowledge in investment strategies to help you meet your financial goals, but ultimately we are most proud of our ability to provide genuine help and support. Our benchmarks go beyond the numbers and are measured in the sighs of relief, relaxed smiles and thank you hugs.

We're independent.

In the world of financial planning, being independent means an advisor isn’t connected to a single company, like a large brokerage firm. When advisors are affiliated with a large firm, they are typically obligated to sell that firm’s products. Even if they don’t necessarily have a product that meets the client’s specific needs.

Independence, on the other hand, means the advisor can shop around to find the right product for the client. And that’s what we do at Investa. Because we’re independent, our only interest is in doing what’s best for you. We’re not trying to sell products or generate additional fees for a larger company.

We can do this because we have a relationship with you. A real, lifelong relationship that enables us to understand your wants, needs, hopes, dreams and goals. And we are equipped to help you reach them.

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As an independent advisor, we are empowered to serve our clients in-line with our values and our vision. So we’ve partnered with RFG, an innovative turnkey platform engineered specifically to support independent financial advisors like us. RFG handles much of the critical behind-the-scenes support required to run our successful business so that we can spend our time doing what we love — serving you, our clients. For more information on RFG Advisory awards, please visit

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